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     Insisting on dancing to folk dance is meaningful for our health. First of all, everyone can use folk dancing to help shape a beautiful body. By dancing folk dance, you can practice basic skills such as foot press, splits, and lower back, so as to exercise the flexibility of the body, which can also help increase the flexibility of movements. Daily practice at the Traditional Dance Society is every Thursday and Saturday. In addition, the Traditional Dance Society also makes good use of its talents and long-term diligent training. It often represents the school in competitions or performances, bringing glory to the school and winning many awards. Their dances are varied, and as performers on the stage, they sing and dance gracefully. They are real and cute off the stage. They gather together because of their love for dance, shine towards their dreams, and always show their best selves. As soon as the music started playing, their dance was like elves jumping out of the music. They were flexible, lively and cute. Every movement seemed to be integrated with the music. With their wonderful ideas and magnificent performances, they made the audience baptized over the years. The culture of China has shown its vivid vitality and is shining brightly on the stage of the new era. The dance they often perform is called "Miao Yun Niao Niao". This dance shows Miao girls harvesting in the autumn of the Miao Year. They are dressed in rich clothes and have gold and hairpins. They gather together to sing and dance together to celebrate the harvest. The vitality of dance is integrated with the girls' performance, and every dance performance brings an exquisite visual feast to the audience. Dance is an activity full of infinite possibilities. Different emotions and stories are expressed through dance. This is the subtlety of dance. It drives the audience to feel different emotions and understand different stories in a short period of time, allowing all kinds of people to express their emotions through dance. Through dance, people lead their hearts to one place.


  1. 为表演比赛练习


  1. 表演舞蹈【苗韵袅袅】中




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