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     Our school’s dance troupe represented our school and won the Honorary Gold Award at the Malaysian Woland International Arts Festival on August 29, 2023. Dance competitions can stimulate students' competitive spirit, and at the same time, they also give students of the Dance Society an opportunity to show their talents. This victory means a lot to the members of the Dance Society because it represents countless hours of hard work and perseverance in the dance studio. Their practices are led by coach Flora every Thursday and Saturday. Although this competition was a tough contest, they gritted their teeth and repeatedly practiced some difficult moves, and finally overcame the difficulties. The victory of the game made them more convinced that as long as they have dreams and work hard for them, nothing is impossible, so this is also a good encouragement for everyone to follow their dreams and never give up. During the competition, members also encouraged and comforted each other, showing a noble team spirit. The stage they performed on was called Li Bamboo Dream Weaving, and this dance showed the time when Li girls gathered together to sing and dance. Through this competition, they have spread and inherited the culture of the Li people well and made this culture flourish. Their beautiful dancing on the stage also attracted everyone's attention and immediately brought the atmosphere to a boiling point. In the end, they also brought the game to an end and reluctantly bid farewell to the stage. Their efforts are noticed by everyone, especially the coach. Therefore, they won the award and lived up to the coach's expectations for them, and it also made the coach feel honored. Not only the coach, this award also brings glory to the team and the school.






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