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     The military brass band of our school conducted a training camp on August 28 and 30, 2023. The main purpose of this training camp is to show their best during the Independence Parade on National Day. Their music plays a very important role on National Day. Music can add a sense of ceremony and solemnity. It can also show the people the strength and discipline of the school's military brass band, so the training camp can improve their level. In addition, the solemn and spectacular music works of the school's military band can add a lot of color to the National Day. In the National Day parade, the conductor plays an important role. She needs to lead everyone in singing and ensure that everyone's steps are consistent with the music. Such an important scene that a training camp is needed to ensure there are no mistakes on the day. In addition, this training camp is also to prepare for the next competition. Training is the only way to win the game. Through training camp, they can effectively and quickly get into game shape and adapt to the tension of the upcoming game. At the same time, the training camp can also help them establish a positive competitive mentality so that they can better cope with the pressure of competition in the game. Finally, this training camp is also to prepare for the performance of the entertainment evening party. The training camp can well improve the teamwork ability of the school's military band, enhance the coordination among members and ensure the harmony and smoothness of the entire performance. Training camps can also be a great way to relieve tension and stress because they can simulate performance scenarios and ensure that the performance goes smoothly.






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