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2023 槟城音乐协会槟州合唱团比赛

     2023年8月26日,我校合唱团的成员参加了2023年槟城州合唱比赛。这项比赛旨在让学生通过合唱比赛获得经验并建立信心。此外,还可以促进会员之间的信任和沟通。会员还可以通过本次比赛培养默契与合作,增加会员在校外比赛的经验,培养优秀人才和学生对歌唱的兴趣。不仅如此,参加比赛可以提供一个展示自己音乐才华的机会,让学生在舞台上展示他们的歌唱技巧和表演能力。其次,比赛也有利于团队合作和协调,因为合唱团要求成员们歌唱、节奏和表演动作协调一致,这有助于培养他们的团队精神。此外,参加比赛还可以增加学生的自信心,让他们克服紧张情绪,提高在公众面前的表现能力。最后,比赛经历可以丰富他们的个人简历,并对未来的音乐、表演或团队合作等领域产生积极影响。上午8时30分,所有会员聚集在马来西亚理科大学Dewan Tuanku Syed Putra。她们表现得很好,尽量少说话,以保持自己的声音。随后,全体队员在后台按照工作人员的引导,做好比赛准备。合唱团成员在舞台上表现出色,最终获得中学组合唱比赛三等奖和优秀奖。这次比赛让成员们大开眼界,了解了其他合唱团的优秀水平。确实,能为学校赢得荣誉是一种荣幸。


     On 26th August 2023, the members of the PCGHS Choir participated in the Penang State Choir Competition 2023. This competition aimed to allow students to gain experience and build confidence through choir competitions. In addition, it can also promote trust and communication among members. Members can also cultivate tacit understanding and cooperation through this competition, increase members' experience in off-campus competitions and cultivate outstanding talents and students' interest in singing .Not only that, participating in the competition can provide an opportunity to showcase your musical talents, allowing students to showcase their singing skills and performance abilities on stage. Secondly, the competition is also good for teamwork and coordination, because the choir requires members to coordinate their singing, rhythm and performance movements, which helps develop their team spirit. In addition, participating in the competition can also increase the self-confidence of the students, allowing them to overcome their nervousness and improve their ability to perform in front of the public. Finally, competition experience can enrich their personal resume and have a positive impact on future fields such as music, performance or team work. At 8.30a.m., all members gathered at Dewan Tuanku Syed Putra, USM. They behaved well and talked less to preserve their voices. After that, all members followed the crew's guide backstage and prepared for the competition. The choir members outperformed on stage and finally won the third prize and excellence award in the Secondary Category Choir Competition. This competition was an eye-opening experience for the members to find out how good other choir teams are. Indeed, it was a privilege to win an honor for the school.










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