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     On 26 August 2023, our school's 24th Festival Drum held its annual one-day camp. The theme of this year's event is "Virtual Rift: Salvation and Betrayal". The storyline is set in a future virtual reality world. Our organization has developed a top-notch technology that allows people to enter the game and interact with other players through implanted chips. At that time, almost everyone relied on this technology. technologies, and even socialize with them on a daily basis. However, someone in the organization had a different intention, hacked into the system and stole other people's information in order to defraud others, implant viruses, modify the system code, and cause the system to collapse, causing panic among the people, and living in fear every day. I am afraid that I will be the next victim. As the players of the Twenty-Four Seasons Drum, as a member of the organization, they are ordered to find out the traitors, repair the system and regain the property lost by others, so as to restore the peaceful life in the past. There are various station games in the game, and players can get clues of traitors by winning games. All players need to work together to find different types of clues and work together to find out the real culprit behind it. Not only that, there are also some hunters in this game, they are responsible for arresting players, so players must run with all their strength to avoid being caught. Games are tiring, but joy fills the sky. Through layers of control, they finally succeeded in finding the mastermind behind the scenes, and the winning team also won prizes. In addition, they played some fun games and held a small dance party to entertain the atmosphere. All the members felt very happy and looked forward to the next event, which also made the relationship between them stronger and stronger. 










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