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     跆拳道比赛分为个人组以及团体组来进行比赛。个人组比赛有分为Poomsae ,Kyorugi (Sparring);团体组则有Team Sparring & Breaking。跆拳道的色带分别都有不同的等级因此也意味着在比赛时,她们将打不同的套路。例如白带比赛的是Four Direction Punch。此外,黄带打的套路是跆拳道品势-太极1,绿带的则是跆拳道品势-太极3,  蓝带是跆拳道品势-太极5, 红带和以上是跆拳道品势-太极7。而另一个个人比赛是Sparring ,它是依据体重来分组。Sparring 共有4组。所有参赛者都穿上各自的 mouth guard 来保护自己的牙齿。参赛者也会穿上sparring gear再上场。参赛者必须打中对方的身体或头部以获取分数。

     团体比赛也称作为Team Sparring 是三个人一组组成的,三个人所获取的分数相加起来,最高分的组就是赢家。与 Sparring 一样,参赛者必须打中对方的身体或头部以获取分数。另一项团体比赛是Breaking一组大约有 5-8 个人,每组都会有 20 块板,她们必须要以自己的创意编制舞及破板。赛结束后,教练们也表示十分欣慰,因为她们可以明显的看到团员们的进步以及努力。团员们也感到十分有成就感毕竟他们练习了半年,这场比赛像是她们在跆拳道团里的总结一样,最后她们依依不舍的告别此次比赛。


     Our school's Taekwondo held the 10th Taekwondo Competition on August 26, 2023. This competition is to test the results of the members' practice. The members try their best to complete the game and avoid living up to the expectations of the coaches. The purpose of this competition is to bring out the best in the Taekwondo team and build their sense of competition. Members can also learn from each other through competitions, find their own shortcomings and practice diligently. In addition, taekwondo competitions can also help members build self-confidence because they can face their own shortcomings, anxiety and fear when facing competitions.

     Taekwondo competitions are divided into individual groups and team groups. The individual competitions are divided into Poomsae, Kyorugi (Sparring); the team competitions are Team Sparring & Breaking. Taekwondo ribbons have different levels, which means they will perform different routines during competitions. For example, the white belt competition is Four Direction Punch. In addition, the routines for yellow belts are Taekwondo Poomsae-Taeguek 1, green belts are Taekwondo Poomsae-Taeguek 3, blue belts are Taekwondo Poomsae- Taeguek5, and red belts and above are Taekwondo Poomsae-Taeguek 7. Another individual competition is Sparring, which is divided into groups based on weight. There are 4 sets of Sparring. All contestants wear their own mouth guards to protect their teeth. Contestants will also put on sparing gear before taking the stage. Competitors must hit each other in the body or head to gain points.

     The team competition is also called Team Sparring. It consists of three people. The scores obtained by the three people are added up. The team with the highest score is the winner. Like Sparring, contestants must hit each other in the body or head to gain points. Another team competition is Breaking. There are about 5-8 people in a group. Each group will have 20 boards. They must dance and break the boards in their own creative way. After the game, the coaches also expressed their satisfaction, because they could clearly see the progress and hard work of the team members. The team members also felt a sense of accomplishment. After all, they practiced for half a year. This competition was like a summary of their taekwondo club. In the end, they reluctantly bid farewell to this competition.







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