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SMJK Support Team Phone : +6084 348866 Fax : +6084 343366 or Email: support

 Mission and Vision

To have a comprehensive web-based portal for all conforming schools in Malaysia besides enhancing the interaction between students and teachers and vice versa
To share resources and ideas among the school communities
To enhance the relationship between every SMJK Education Portal citizens
To promote the use of IT

SMJK Education Portal aims to compile all registered schools information in a single searchable database. We want to instil the use of ICT in all the schools particularly in the students. Our main idea in SMJK Education Portal is not to adopt the conventional image of a school, a place of formal learning. What we have in mind is a place where everybody is able to search for information of any particular school he or she has in mind.

Besides, we hope to instil resources sharing trend among users which will benefit them and others too. Indirectly, we hope to form a close-knit relationship among all registered schools.