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Bahasa Melayu
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Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan
What is RSS?
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution. We offer several RSS feeds for use in news readers and Web logs (blogs). These feeds include News & Events, Announcements and Exam papers. RSS feeds are free and currently uses RSS 2.0.

How to sign up to RSS?
Click on the below content area(s) RSS icon you're interested in subscribing to, and follow the instructions to add to your RSS news reader.

How to access RSS Feed?
There are a number of ways to access RSS feeds. You can install a news reader that displays RSS feeds from the Web sites you select, enabling you to view hundreds of headlines at once. After installing the news reader, you can add each feed manually from the Web site by clicking on the "Subscribe" or the "XML" orange button next to the feed.

An alternative to downloading a dedicated news reader is to use a Web-based news reader. Here is a list of RSS Readers