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2010 Principal's Message
23 Jun 2010 Thong Shiau Chuan 

       First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Ong Hock Chye and Mr. Thong Shiau Chuan, the teacher advisors of ICT Club of Catholik High School, Malacca which was formed beginning of this year. The objective of forming this new club is to provide information and communication technology services to the school library and the school portal.

       In the era of ICT, the use of ICT is of utmost importance in providing a means of effective and rapid communication among the school community, old boys within Malaysia and overseas, and the local society. In order to help our students acquire ICT knowledge and skills, we have taken the initialtive to provide one period a week of computer literacy classes to Form 1 students.

        SMJK Katholik Melaka has set her vision to become an ideal educational institution. To achieve this vision, the school community must be prepared to put in more effort than ever through team spirit and excellent work culture, as well as practising the five core values of service, i.e. team work spirit, excellent culture, well disciplined, sincerity and commitment.

        We, the teachers, must realize we are playing a very important role to help our nation execute the National Educational Philosophy. We should serve the nation by imparting knowledge and skills to the students effectively as well as mould them to be dedicated and have high moral standards so that they form a useful work force to achieve Vision 2020.

Thank You.