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Chinese New Year Open House
06 Feb 2009 School Admin - SMJK HUA LIAN (PERAK, TAIPING) 

One open house was held at the school hall at 8.00 pm today in conjunction with the year of the ox Chinese New Year celebration.  In the Principal's speech, he wished all present a happy and properous new year.  He also highlighted the spirit of festive celebrations in the Malaysian way. Present tonight were no less than 500 people of different races who are families of the Hua Lian's staff, The representative of the Deputy Minister of Information, The people's representative of Aulong constituency, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, The Chairman of the PTA, former headmasters of this school, and also a group of visiting members of the chinese orchestra a Taiwan school.  After plenty of delicious food was served, angpows were given out to the children present.  The Deputy Minister of Information also donated RM5000 to the school chinese orchestra.

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