Pencapaian 成就

20 Feb 2023 School Admin - SMJK SUNG SIEW (SABAH, SANDAKAN) 

双修中学日前派出一支女将队伍,出征由LearnT-SMArET 2022 所举办的其中一项线上课程------“气候变化认识及减灾教育(CADRRED)”,并获得冠军殊荣。这项课程每年以响应“齐来学习数理(Learning Science and Mathematics Together)”为原则,由SEAMEO RECSAM主办,并由 SEAMEO秘书处, SEAMOLEC, SEAQIS, SEAQIM和 Biotrop协办。


参赛的研究项目名为 “Hydrio”,结合了Arduino Uno和3D打印技术,主张在种植业节省灰水使用及净水的过度浪费。这支参赛队伍也在Shell NXplorer的校级和区级比赛中获得第二名,而这次更取得跨越性进步,为校争光。本校向来鼓励学生在参与国际性及跨领域课题研究时,积极结合数理实践,也努力为环境课题尽一份力量。希望得奖同学可以持续发光、发热。(L02)

Sheahnee Chin Pui Shean, Elena Lee Zi Ching, and See An Na from SM Sung Siew, Sandakan, Sabah led by Teacher Chong Yiing Yiing, have won the first prize in the Climate Awareness and Disaster Risk Reduction Education (CADRRED) subtheme of the LearnT-SMArET 2022 e-course program. This e-course program is an offshoot of the annual "Learning Science and Mathematics Together" in a Borderless world (LeSMAT(Borderless)) initiative organized by SEAMEO RECSAM in collaboration with SEAMEO Secretariat, SEAMOLEC, SEAQIS, SEAQIM, and Biotrop.

            The LearnT-SMArET 2022 e-course program is comprised of six subthemes, namely Climate Awareness and Disaster Risk Reduction Education (CADRRED), Conservation and Wise Use of Resources (ConWUR), Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL), Telecare and Healthy Lifestyle (TeleHeal), Values-Based Sustainable Education (VaBSE), and "Local Wisdom and Basic Education for All Research Initiative" (LoWBERI or LoWBEARI). The program was participated in by nine countries, namely Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, India, and Japan.

            The winning team's project, Hydrio, is a project that saves greywater and reduces the use of clean water for planting or agriculture. The project integrates the use of technology, such as Arduino Uno and 3D printing.

            In addition to their success in the LearnT-SMArET 2022 e-course program, the team also won second place in the Shell Xplorer school and district level competition. With some improvements made to their project, the team was able to achieve greater heights and win first prize in the LearnT-SMArET 2022 e-course program.